British Open Video Wall

In 2012, we reached out to the British Open (who my company at the time had a very good relationship with already in the Walking Scorer system) to try and get them to change their very old static boards to video based walls. They, like the Masters, are very old school and try and maintain a certain image.

Our plan was to pitch everything, and hope they liked and would approve some things. There were 3 main components: Large Format Wall, Small Format Wall, and Media Center. The Small and Large Format Walls were basically the same content, just different sizes. The media center, however, would be 3 to 5 projectors turned sideways along their media center wall. It was 6674×1920. I took the British Open colors and look and came up with the following:

We received feedback (mainly to use the green color scheme), and went back to work. They also scratched the idea of the Media Center wall for that year. I came up with this for the newer design:

This was pretty much 100% approved, with a few changes. From there, I cut up each “page” intro separate graphics so they could be coded into the system. The end result was these: